Wim Deblauwe
Software Consultancy
Specialized in Java, Spring, and JVM related tooling. Helping you and your team to become better developers.

My Services

Web Applications

Implementation of web applications using Java and Spring Boot.


Design, implementation and documentation of REST API's.

Documentation as code

Ensure code and documentation is synced. Your developers will love documenting their architecture, design decisions and API's this way.

Diagrams as code

Use text-based tools to draw any kind of diagram. Have the ability to easily store revisions in version control. Avoid vendor lock-in from proprietary drawing tools.

Build tooling

Get help setting up Maven or Gradle. Migrate legacy builds from batch scripts or Ant. Ensure reliable and reproducible builds using best-practises.


Get custom-tailered training on Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, API development, Asciidoc, ...

Code Review

Would you like a senior pair of eyes on the code? Would like an in-depth report on the potential technical debt the code base is building up? I can help!

Project Management

Ensure smooth development work using structured agile approaches. Translate requirements between the business and its customers and the development team.

Team Management

Drive your development team to excellence.

Who am I?

Wim Deblauwe
I am a software engineer who has been working mainly with Java for the past 20 years. I developed and designed various IoT-related projects that have seen deployments worldwide. Other industries that have used my expertise include healthcare, financial, electronics and startups.
Next to hands-on development, I enjoy being a project manager and team leader, working with on-site and remote teams.
I passionately share my knowledge with the world via my books, helping people on Stackoverflow and at my personal blog.
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